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 Deck Workshop Rules

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PostSubject: Deck Workshop Rules   Sat Apr 07, 2012 8:46 pm

Welcome to Deck Workshop where you can get help in improving your decks but first you have to obey the following rules

1- Explain us where the deck is meant to be played. (Ex: Online or Real Life, then if Online what Dueling System like DN, YVD etc, if Real Life then what country is it and what meta decks they mostly use, then also name the format like TCG or OCG and Advanced or Traditional)

2-You have to classify the card into the following
-Monsters (Number of monsters)
-Spells (Number of Spells)
-Traps (Number of traps)
-Fusions/Synchros/XYZ If exists

3-Don't copy someone else's deck from DN or any other forum and claim to be yours.

4-Please don't post saying "Cool Deck" or "Bad Deck"... If you have fixes then post it, if you don't then keep your words for yourself.

5-Don't Make Random fixes. If you aren't sure what needs to be changed to make the deck better, it is best to say nothing.

6-Don't flame members saying "Noob" because of posting a bad deck.. If you think that you're better than them then show it by posting fixes and not by insulting them.

7-If your deck contains strategies or combos of hard type, try to tell other members too, why not ?! Then, others can understand your deck more and fix/rate better.

8-If you didn't like the fixes made, you shouldn't go harsh on the fixer. It's expected from you to discuss the deck politely.

9-You may not attempt to fix decks unless you really know what you're talking about. This is to prevent confusion in what is good for the deck.

10-Please use understandable language ex: Don't say MST but say Mystical Space Typhoon.
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Deck Workshop Rules
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